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Henry Schein One Introduces Exclusive and Innovative Preventive Care Offer at THRIVELIVE 2024


Henry Schein One’s Dentrix Detect AI, Powered and Manufactured by VideaHealth, with CurodontTM Repair Helps to Advance Clinical Care for Practice and Patient Benefit

AMERICAN FORK, UT, May 2, 2024 — Henry Schein One today announced an exclusive opportunity for THRIVELIVE 2024 attendees through which Henry Schein One customers who purchase the Clinical Technology suite with Dentrix Detect AI, powered and manufactured by VideaHealth, can receive the opportunity to purchase CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus by vVARDIS at a significant and unique discount. These powerful preventive dentistry solutions help to elevate care for the benefit of the practice and the patient; Dentrix Detect AI helps with early detection of caries and Curodont™ Repair offers remineralizing treatment.

Dentrix Detect AI is an AI-enabled X-ray analysis tool directly embedded into Henry Schein One’s Dentrix and Dentrix Ascend platforms that provides real-time clinical decision support to dentists by automatically analyzing images, improving evaluation speed and transparency in treatment recommendations. Dental professionals who use both Dentrix Detect AI to assess and Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus non-invasive enamel remineralizing technology may help to effectively arrest and reverse carious lesions before greater disease progression occurs.

Customers who purchase a subscription to Detect AI from Henry Schein One at THRIVELIVE – an annual educational and networking experience held in Las Vegas – will receive a Henry Schein Dental coupon redeemable for a unique, one-time offer on a purchase of CurodontTM 

Repair Fluoride Plus by vVARDIS; specifically, when three (3) packages of 10 are purchased from Henry Schein, Inc., customers pay the same price as only two (2) packages of CurodontTM Repair Flouride Plus – a value of $350.

"At THRIVELIVE 2024, we are pleased to unveil an exclusive offer that underscores the game-changing impact of preventive dentistry on patient care," said Dr. Ryan Hungate, Chief Clinical Officer at Henry Schein One. "This offer aligns perfectly with Henry Schein's strategy: delivering differentiated solutions to make dental practices more successful and improve patient outcomes. By harnessing these innovations, dentists can deliver cutting-edge, individualized care, preventing problems before they arise. The shift from reactive treatment to preventive empowerment allows practitioners to offer patients lasting peace of mind and a path to lifelong oral health."

Clinical data supports the effectiveness of these products individually in aiding preventive dentistry. Dentrix Detect AI reduces the likelihood of missed caries, resulting in, on average, 43% fewer instances for dentists. Curodont enables non-invasive and effective management of those early caries.   

Clinicians using these products are reporting positive results for the practice and patients.

“We have been placing Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus on our patients since its introduction to Heartland-supported offices at the end of 2023,” said Brittany Hess, RDH, at Valley Park Dental Care, located outside of St. Louis, MO. “We had some great feedback from patients that had previously been told that we cannot reverse their early cavities and that we would just have to watch and wait and hope they don't get worse. They are telling us it is easier than a filling.  We were able to incorporate Curodont into our schedules and help prevent patients from getting fillings that may have otherwise been unavoidable in the future without this breakthrough solution. We love the ease of use and have had hygienists placing it for our patients with minimal adjustments to our schedule by saying ‘yes’ to getting them taken care of same day as other treatment or cleanings. As for the production increases, they are always a bonus when you're doing the right thing for the right reasons. The real benefits are immeasurable by helping our patients not have to start down the path of treatment for cavities.”

For more information on Dentrix Detect AI, powered and manufactured by VideaHealth, or vVARDIS, visit and

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