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Stan Bergman Discusses Technology in Health Care, Immigration, and Other Topics from the World Economic Forum

Stan Bergman attended the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and spoke extensively about a range of topics. Stan appeared on a panel discussion entitled "Global Migration: Managing Flows, Not Crises" where he discussed the role that business, and public-private partnerships in particular, can play in addressing the challenges presented by immigration and displaced people around the world.

"These issues, if we really want to make progress, will only be resolved through public-private partnerships," Stan said. "We need government, we need the multi-nationals, we need business, we need the NGOs. There are enough good companies that understand enlightened self-interest. What's good for society and business is aligned."

The complete panel discussion can be viewed here.

Stan also stopped in to Fox Business Network's Mornings With Maria and spoke with host Maria Bartiromo about the role of technology in improving health care, and how prioritizing wellness and prevention can reduce health care costs and improve overall population health.

He then spoke with Fifi Peters of CNBC Africa about the opportunities that exist in the U.S. marketplace for Africa-based businesses, changing dynamics in the health care sector, and the importance of pandemic preparedness.

To watch Stan's appearance on Fox Business Network, please click here.

To watch his appearance on CNBC Africa, please click here.