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CEO of the Year

Stan Bergman Announced as Chief Executive Magazine's CEO of the Year on FOX Business News's Mornings with Maria

Stan Also Interviewed to Discuss the Importance of Wellness and Prevention to Reduce Health Care Costs and Q1 2017 Financial Results

Stan Bergman was recently featured on the Fox Business News’s program Mornings with Maria hosted by veteran business journalist Maria Bartiromo, where she announced that he has been named the 2017 CEO of the Year by Chief Executive Magazine. The selection represents the first time the magazine has honored a CEO from a company of our size and market category. Past winners were CEOs of big consumer brands, such as Bill Gates, Jack Welch, and Michael Dell.

During the interview, Stan was asked about the state of health care in America today and what can be done to improve it. In response to this issue, Stan underscored the importance of wellness and prevention in decreasing health care costs. While speaking to the importance of educating Americans about healthy food alternatives and daily exercise, Stan mentioned that behavioral change is necessary to help control the cost of health care in the United States.

When asked about Henry Schein’s first quarter results, Stan emphasized the significance of how being in the business of wellness and prevention has led to Henry Schein’s continued financial success. “The Henry Schein story is about advancing wellness. We have about a million dentists, physicians, and veterinarians that do business with us. Actually, it’s a million customers and a million and a half practitioners who are all involved in wellness and prevention: taking care of people, preventing them from getting sick and if they get sick, taking care of them outside of the hospital. This is what’s driving Henry Schein’s growth and it’s driven our growth for over 21 years since we went public.”