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Stan Bergman Discusses the Coronavirus Outbreak and Henry Schein’s Role in the Pandemic Supply Chain Network

Stanley M. Bergman appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to discuss how coronavirus could potentially disrupt supply chains. Mr. Bergman also discussed Henry Schein’s role as co-founder and private-sector lead of the Pandemic Supply Chain Network (PSCN), a global public-private partnership that works to create a safer world through pandemic preparedness and response.

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Mr. Bergman further explored this topic in his recent LinkedIn post, “Lessons Learned from Pandemics Past.”

“The PSCN exists because its members are committed to a cause greater than any of us alone,” Mr. Bergman said. “We are optimistic that this time, with the coronavirus front and center, the world will fully appreciate the importance of pandemic preparedness now and in the future. We need to break the circle of interest and disinterest so that we, as global citizens, finally learn the lesson that preparedness matters.”

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Stanley Bergman